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Govt told of iraqi kickback demands being met

Govt told of iraqi kickback demands being met

IS group is reportedly demanding the money in an unprecedented move in Mosul

Iraqi PM says he is not worried about the fate of civilians in the wake of latest IS attacks

A convoy of vehicles carrying IS fighters to a checkpoint near Mosul bega더킹카지노n carrying them to the city, an official told Rudaw television on Monday.

The convoy, which started with 10,000 vehicles from northejarvees.comrn Mosul, took up their route around midday on Monday.

But two days later, the convoy of more than 30,000 vehicles is expected to be there by midnight next week, said the official, who was not authorized to speak to the press.

A spokesman for the Iraqi forces denied to Rudaw that they had a convoy at this point, telling reporters that a second convoy would be here by the end of the week.

He added that it was all a « stupid plan », but the official is also worried.

The Iraqi military has faced growing criticism from across the political spectrum over a series of attacks last week in th더킹카지노e province, which is near the IS stronghold city of Mosul.

The Iraqi army is not saying whether it planned to withdraw any units – or had been planning a big, coordinated ground operation – though some officials say that would have been a mistake.

US officials told the BBC, however, that they don’t believe it is now likely that the Iraqi army will withdraw any of its troops from the south-eastern areas of the country because the US has been warning Iraqi leaders about the need to stop the advance of IS and other extremist groups in northern Iraq.

The US and Britain, who both have bases in the region, have warned that any deployment could spark a huge backlash.

‘Great loss’

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a statement on Monday that warned of serious repercussions if the Mosul offensive continues, calling the recent attacks « a great loss. »

He urged the residents of the city to remain calm, despite fears of violence.

Al-Abadi added that the operation has led the IS group to find a new target to attack in Mosul, adding that the destruction wrought by the group is « a great blow to all Iraqis. »

Mosul residents said the fighters left about 11,000 residents out of the area, while hundreds fled to nearby mountains after hearing the death toll from the last US-led airstrikes.

Some Iraqi security officials said that the IS advance may have helped prompt th

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