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Vietnamese students celebrate lunar new year in australia

Vietnamese students celebrate lunar new year i바카라 사이트n australia. (Hussein Malla/European Pressphoto Agency)

On Monday, as many as 1,600 students went on a hunger strike, protesting what they say were poor job opportunities. Their demands include improvements in the education of the young Vietnamese, an end to the government’s policies to close down local universities and open several new ones.

« Vietnam has an excellent and well-developed educational system, but it has not delivered any job opportunities to these students, » said student Le Le Chai, who has been on the strike. « They have no jobs, and they are forced to go to the streets to eat. »

Vietnamese students are among the most deprived in a developing economy where most people have no jobs or decent wages. The majority of children raised by parents and relatives in Vietnam live in squalid conditions, often with little or no shelter and limited access to education and health care.

This year marks 50 years since a peaceful transfer to civil and political rights from a British colonial rule that is now seen as the model of post-independence democracies and a symbol of human progress. But the country is still riven by the legacy of this period of political turmoil and social unrest — a legacy that critics say will linger on.

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Hanoi, through its foreign ministry, strongly condemned the st평택안마rike in a statement on its Web site, citing « crimes of human rights » and « unlawful political action, » calling for a ban on further protests. A government official did not respond to messages seeking comment.

President Tran Dai Quang has said that government 청주출장안마 청주안마and education officials are working together to reduce social conflict and « rein in the spread of human rights abuses. »

The university system was established as a last resort after the communists ruled the nation for decades. But under an economic boom and generous government aid, it has grown and flourished, and has seen an explosion in applications from students. In 2011, students from more than 200 countries registered at Pham Phuc, or Phan Thi Phuong school, the biggest in Hanoi.

Phan Thi Phuong was opened in 1954 and offers courses in such things as computer science, engineering, pharmacy and biology, according to its Web site. It also offers an arts program and a culinary school that offers courses in Vietnamese and English.

Vietnam began accepting students in 2002 under a program that required Vietnam to provide som

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