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Rate rise talk pushes dollar upwards

Rate rise talk pushes dollar upwards.

But there is no immediate pre충주출장마사지 충주안마ssure for China to do anything to support the yuan, with China’s economy slowing slightly earlier this month despite a recent rally.

And the outlook for the rest of the world has worsened over the past year, with the dollar soaring by about $1.10 this morning, following a more than $1-a-pound lift on August 21 against the Japanese yen.

B룰렛eijing’s official foreign exchange market has become increasingly crowded, with the Swiss and Canadian francs pushing up the most, followed by the British pound (BBD) and the Swiss franc (SFr).

Brett Liddell, currency strategist at RBS, believes the market is over-priced in Europe, where the euro and pound are still the dominant two currencies.

« The pound is up by around 3.5% to $1.21… if you believe the ECB has said it is going to try to keep the euro under $1.00 then the euro is likely to keep climbing. »

He said sterling was « the best protection against future rises in interest rates in years to come », and that카지노 the pound’s slide was « good news » for exporters like Chinese, who had been looking for protection.

However, Liddell said the pound could struggle to gain stability now the Bank of England has cut its interest rate target to 0.25%, which the UK Government and the EU have pushed for.

« I wouldn’t call this a success yet, but it’s pretty clear that a higher rate cut has been ruled out at this point for now. »

There was also more concern that the ECB’s move to reduce the size of its QE programme for buying longer-term debt at a discount is about to come into effect.

This means that the European Central Bank is likely to be forced to move its QE programme away from buying large quantities of long-term government and corporate bonds.

On Monday, it will begin buying bonds of banks, private sector firms and investment companies – which could include UK financials firms such as Barclays – as well as companies in its bond buying programme.

This is in addition to its QE programme for banks.

Meanwhile, Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, said the pound will remain strong today despite the ECB’s move to reduce the size of the QE programme.

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