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Jobs at risk as air courier goes into administration

Jobs at risk as air courier goes into administration

The Federal Aviation Administration is moving ahead with a plan to replace the nearly 25-year-old Air National Guard Air Transport Academy in Boston.

The school’s contract expires this year.

Under the new arrangement, Air National Guard air service workers would begin working on the new school in 2017-18 and would start flying as an adjunct for three years, Air National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Jay Purdon said in an email. The Air National Guard currently uses Air Force air transport cadets to fly aircraft for the military academy.


The Air National Guard Air Transport Academy will pay out $1 million a year for the apprenticeships, according to Air Force documents. That’s an amount that can’t be recouped for any other civilian services.

But other air-courier positions, such as pilo바카라ts, are not covered, the documents say.

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Air National Guard flight instructors now fly commercial and military service, and those positions are considered the highest paychecks on the Air Force’s dime.

The Air Force doesn’t pay enough to make up for the loss of its air forces, officials say. At one time, Air Force leaders estimated that the Air Force would have to add 6,000 Air National Guard aviation cadets to provide service to all of the 4 million active duty members who will turn 65 in 2024.

In an email, Purdon said the Air Force was willing to make an exception and that an Air Force recruiter would speak to the Air National Guard about training an auxiliary flight instructor.

The school has only 11 full-time teachers and a single flight instructor, but Purdon said Air National Guard employees would start work this fall. They could earn as muc호 게임h as $30,000 for the three years of school.

The Air National Guard’s replacement air cadet program began in December 2013. The Air Force first had a contract with Air National Guard staff members and volunteers to run the training, Purdon said. In recent months, the Air Force has ramped up its involvement with the school in an effort to secure the academy’s air transport contracts.


For this new operation, the Air Force has hired a $2.5 million airplane, a $2 million aircraft spare and training equipment

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