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Un agency urges protection of iraqi cultural heritage

Un agency urges protection of iraqi cultural heritage

(04/26/2016) The IRNA news agency reported today that Iran has informed Turkey that the US administration must take immediate steps to protect the country’s cultural heritage.

Ki더나인카지노rkuk: Iran and Iraq face ‘historic’ security challenges in oil and gas fields

(04/25/2016) Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has warned Iraqi authorities against interfering with its oil and gas business, as Iraqi officials warn Iran of possible retaliation over the recent territorial change of Kirkuk.

U.S. urges Iran to respect territorial integrity

(04/23/2016) The U.S. State Department has urged Iraq’s new government to protect its cultural and historic heritage by respecting their autonomy, in line with existing U.S.-Iraqi agreements.

Iran-Iraq Security Pact: ‘All of Iraq must be in the process of developing peaceful, stable and viable relations’

(04/23/2016) Iran has expressed interest in forming a permanent security alliance with Iraq, a report said today.

Iran’s new leadership on Syria says it’s up to Damascus to determine Iran’s fate

(04/22/2016) In a statement published by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) late yesterday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed, « Only a united nation can be s부천출장안마 부천출장마사지aved. »

Iran will’stand in front of the world, as a shining light’

(04/20/2016) The new Iranian leadership on Syria reiterated on Tuesday that the war-torn country’s international status is already in the hands of Russia and that the U.S. government is preparing to attack Syrian army positions for their supposed support for Assad.

Syrian government rejects US missile strikes

(04/20/2016) Syrian opposition news agency Syrian National Coalition (SNC) denounced yesterday the missile attacks on its armed opposition base in Hama yesterday.

Baghdad is ‘too weak to defend Syria’

(04/18/2016) A British newspaper reports today that Baghdad « has become too weak to defend Syria against a US-led coalition attacking Syria. »

The United States and Russia in’strategic partnership’ for Syria

(04/18/2016) The United States and Russia are working together on a « strategic partnership » in Syria’s war and « will not stop there, » an unnamed 로투스 홀짝official said in an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday, according to media reports.


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