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Territory seabed mining moratorium

Territory seabed mining moratorium. »

A study of Alaska’s coastal wetlands published last month by researchers from the Center for a Stateless Future and the Center for the Science of Climate Change said the state has « only » 10% of the world’s wetlands, compared to 80% in coastal regions of Hawaii and California.

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One of the areas where the researchers say Alaska’s wetland areas are overburdened is not just in remote places such as in the Atascocita National Wildlife Refuge but also in places like the Kodiak and Chinook Na부천안마tional Forests.

An analysis by the Center for the Science of Climate Change and The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found that by 2015, 50% of the wetlands in the northern part of North American would be at risk of flooding, in a region already dealing with unprecedented drought and ris안마ing seas caused by melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps.

That number is rising quickly. The state’s wetlands are losing 70,000 square miles every year, according to the study.

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